Datel have announced an unofficial memory card for the Xbox 360, this memory card is 4gb in size, i think it would be perfect for me. I could have all my saves on the memory card along with any DLC / Arcade games, making it easy to move my content between various Xbox 360 consoles. My 64mb memory card at the moment is full with just a couple of profiles on at (almost 10mb each!)

Datel Max Memory 4gb

Maybe Datel have found a way to allow any size Sata hard drive to be used in the Xbox 360 too.. we can hope! I plan to purchase one when its out in the UK!


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  1. xzKinGzxBuRnzx Reply

    Wish I could use my external on my Xbox 360. Though this is nice. I might half to buy one myself. As it becomes a little annoying uploading demos all the time the way I do. Buy this plus the memory card adapter for the pc. Then it would make demo uploading a breeze.

  2. InsaneNutter Reply

    Thats one of the many good thing i can see about this, its £30 for the 2gig one in the UK and £40 for the 4gig one… I could buy a 120gig hard drive and hack it to work with the 360 for not much more.

    I will get one, when its cheaper.

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