Why Create an Xbox Live account for a different region? Xbox Live account’s for a different region can offer various benefits. Most people want an account in a different region to gain access to an alternate marketplace which offers content not available in the region the person is currently in, for example you could be in the United Kingdom and wish to access to exclusive content on the Japanese marketplace. This content might be DLC or simply to gain access to special offers such as free games been offered to Xbox Live members in different regions. How to create an Xbox Live account for a different region, e.g. the USA, Japan or UK? Creating an Xbox Live account for a different region is simple, you will first need a Microsoft account that does not have an Xbox Live account / profile associated with it. You can use an existing email address as a Microsoft account or signup for a free Microsoft email address or To do this go to and complete the Microsoft account sign-up. Not the part in the screenshot highlighted in red, click “or get a new email address” if you do not have another email address to use. …

If rumours are to be believed Microsoft wants to expand its Xbox brand with two new Xbox consoles, one would be the next-gen Xbox we’re awaiting to be announced, the other one would be a new redesign of the Xbox 360 as an Xbox 360 set-top box You might think so what, the Xbox 360 gets another redesign? however here’s were things get a bit interesting. The redesigned Xbox 360 model would be marketed as a Xbox 360 set-top box product, like the Apple TV, however with the ability to play Xbox 360 games from the hard drive. The redesigned Xbox 360 would not have a DVD drive so all content would have to be purchased from Xbox Live. This is where the always connected ideas could be coming from, as this would essentially be a Xbox 360 set-top box streaming device which is capable of playing download only version’s of retail Xbox 360 games, along with arcade games. So is an Xbox 360 Set-top Box a good idea? This would apparently retail for around the same price as the Apple TV with the advantage of a massive library of both arcade games and retail Xbox 360 games. This redesigned Xbox 360 set-top box will…

Datel have announced an unofficial memory card for the Xbox 360, this memory card is 4gb in size, i think it would be perfect for me. I could have all my saves on the memory card along with any DLC / Arcade games, making it easy to move my content between various Xbox 360 consoles. My 64mb memory card at the moment is full with just a couple of profiles on at (almost 10mb each!) Maybe Datel have found a way to allow any size Sata hard drive to be used in the Xbox 360 too.. we can hope! I plan to purchase one when its out in the UK!

Indie the Xbox 360 is quite compact, this afternoon I decided to clean my 360 out as it sounds like a jumbo jet, even after giving it a good clean it still sounded horrible. I then realised it was the fans on the back, I guess the bearings in them have gone as when I powered the 360 on and stopped the fans from spinning it was practically silent. I’ve been looking in to replacing the fans and came across some pretty nice custom cases for the 360 – XCM 360 Crystal case I’m thinking about maybe getting a custom case and a replacement fan at some point if I can get them for a good price, the cases appear to be £40+ which is almost half the cost of a new 360 these days. .. I’ve attached some pics of the insides of the 360, all you need to open it is a paper clip, screwdriver and a bit of time. I was on a bit of a go slow, it took me 15 mins to open it and less than 5 mins to put it back together.