Windows 8 Install’s just got even easier on computers / laptops from OEM’s. Yesterday I had my first chance to do a clean Windows 8 install on a Laptop that shipped with Windows 8. Windows 8 from OEM’s no longer supply you with a product key, that product key is now embedded in the BIOS. With that in mind I was wondering how a re install was going to work. Well, it worked just how I hoped a Windows 8 re install would! I installed Windows 8 using a standard ISO from Microsoft’s Technet, meaning it had nothing special embedded in the ISO, or any other pre-installed apps from OEM’s, just a clean Windows 8 install exactly how Microsoft intended. Once the Laptop booted for the first time I checked and Windows 8 said it was already activated, great stuff!

With Windows Vista and Windows 7 i had a collection of .XRM-MS and the associated product keys, so usually if i had to do a re install again i could use my Technet ISO’s, import the XRM-MS licence then when i activated with the key tied to the XRM-MS licence it would pick the SLIC information up in the BIOS and activate its’self offline.

Basically Microsoft have now removed the hassle of having to do this, everything is in the Bios, so if a  PC or laptop has shipped with Windows 8 you can re install with any disc and the Windows 8 install is activated, great stuff. I think this is as especially useful, i find people loose all the discs, and generally anything except the laptop itself.

For anyone looking for a definitive answer on what happens when doing a clean install on a computer that comes pre-installed with Windows 8, I can confirm you will have no trouble re installing Windows 8.


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  1. I think it sux its stupid having the key in the bios what if your motherboard died or you needed to change something major in the computer what happens then

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