Why create a ESXi Bootable Flash Drive on Windows?

Lets be honest, I personally find burning a disc to install something a waste these days, chances are you might not even have an optical drive in your main computer any more if your anything like me.

Creating a bootable usb flash drive to install VMware ESXi from on Windows is easy thanks to UNetbootin. UNetbootin allows you to create bootable usb drives for Linux distributions without burning a CD. I find this tool very handy now as more computers and servers are running without CD drives, plus its a lot quicker to transfer the contents of an ISO to a USB drive then it is to burn a disc!

Creating a VMware ESXi Bootable Flash Drive on Windows:

  1. Firstly Download UNetBootin
  2. Connect the usb flash drive you wish to use as your VMware ESXi Bootable Flash to your computer, note this process will erase the contents of the flash drive.
  3. Load UNetBootin and select the diskimage radiobox, choose ISO, then select the ISO you want to use.
  4. Below select the type as a USB Drive, then finally choose the drive letter of your USB Memory stick, for myself this was F:\
  5. Click Go

Create a VMware ESXi Bootable Flash Drive on Windows

 The end result will be a bootable flash drive that can be used to install VMware ESXi.


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  2. Steveapalooza Reply

    Great article…I found that the USB drive must be formatted as FAT32 in order for this to work. Just FYI…

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