Recently i have been playing about with Windows Server 2012, for my birthday earlier this year Nathan was kind enough to give me a licence for Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 which he got from Dreamspark. This was most appreciated as i’ve not had access to Dreamspark since i graduated from University. As ive had the week off work i finally got time to install Server 2012 and configure IIS 8, along with PHP and URL Re-Write support. After a big of tweaking i was able to get my Wordpress install working as it did on Apache, complete with Pretty Permalinks. I got a pretty good deal on a new server hosted with OVH, for around £10.50 a month inc vat. this got me an OVH mKS 2G server which contains an: Intel Atom N2800 (1.86ghz Dual Core with Hyper Threading) 2gb DDR3 RAM 500gb SATA hard drive 100mbps connection with 5TB bandwidth per month With the cheap OVH servers its a lottery which processor you get, so i was quite lucky to get an Atom N2800, as it could have quite easily been a 1.2ghz single core Celeron. As you can see i ended up with quite a good server compared to what i could have…