Here is how you can get Black Ops 2 and Halo 4 for £28.92 each when pre-ordering from Tesco Direct.

First add the two games to your basket: Halo 4 and Blackops 2

Next enter the following codes in this order at the checkout:

TD-MXTN Gives £10 off
TD-KMPW Gives £5 off
TD-PXTM Gives £5 off

The above should give you £20 off a £75 spend allowing both games to be purchased for £57.84, or £28.92 each.

Remember to select separate delivery at checkout so you will get both games on there respective release dates. The codes can also be used with other bundles too.

Of course you don’t have to purchase Halo 4 and Blackops 2, this should work on any game, DVD / Blu-ray or CD.


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