Digiex Merchandise now exists, I have a Digiex Mug and a Digiex Tshirt to prove it! I figured as i’ve not done a blog post for a long time, this would be the perfect opportunity to share a photo of the Digiex Mug and T-shirt i got this Christmas from Curlysteve and Nimrod.

I believe they were created on Cafepress, which is something we might have to look in to doing a Digiex store on.

Nothing like a good cup of tea in the Digiex mug when i wake up on a morning!



Matt has always had a passion for computers, gadgets and technology. He will never be found too far away from a good cuppa tea.


  1. MunkyMagikUK Reply

    In the words of Peter Griffin “Here is a cheque sir, write any amount of money on it and I will pay it!”
    I want one, can we have a digiex mug request thread? 😀

  2. KillerWhiteMan Reply

    I would quite like a Digiex mug. Nothing like a cup of cocoa in the mornings . The shirts seem like a great idea as well. I wouldn’t mind having that on a t-shirt, or even a polo shirt.

  3. InsaneNutter Reply

    Ill see what i can do for you guys! 😉
    We will have a store at some point!

  4. Haha, I’d like a Digiex mug too, to keep me fed in the morning! 😀

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