Three, a mobile phone network in the UK have some pretty nice deals for pay and go customers, i actually found this out by clicking an advert on my own website too.

Every time you top up £10 you will get 300 free txts (600 if you do it online!) 150mb of internet usage and free use of Windows Live Messenger and Skype. If that’s not good enough they also say your txt and internet usage allowance will reset as soon as you top up and not in 30 days time.

I’m on o2 pay and go at the moment and spend £10 a month with that i get 300 free txts and 1mb (yes 1mb) of internet usage after I use that 1mb I’m charged £3 per mb. I also can’t use Windows Live or Skype with o2 even if I wanted to as its blocked!

I’m really thinking about switching to Three, as ill get double the texts and would actually be able to use the internet / Windows Live Messenger on my phone when im not in an area with Wi-Fi.

Just thought I would post this up anyway as it puts most pay and go tariffs in the UK to shame:

Three 2009 Deal 2

Three 2009 Deal 1

Also a little rant at o2: I’ve been with o2 since the start of 2003 (they were the best back then) but they really are in the dark ages when it comes to internet usage, with them unlimited internet access @ £7.50 a month has a fair usage policy of 250mb, not really unlimited is it?

If you pay for the £7.50 internet deal everything like Msn, Skype and so on is still blocked anyway!

You also get £10 free credit for transferring your existing number to Three, something i will really have to think about doing!


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  1. Not bad. I’m currently on Vodafone and for £10 a month I get 300 texts and 100 mins which isn’t too bad either.

  2. InsaneNutter Reply

    I got my two free simcards off them today, when ive used up my credit and free text with o2 I think im gonna give them a call and get the code to port my number to three. I know o2 are probably gonna be a pain about this though.
    I do want to keep my number though and three will give me £10 credit for doing so too!

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