The 1997 blockbuster Half Life has been ported to Windows RT, meaning it owners of ARM based Windows RT tablets, such as the Surface RT can play Half Life. In order to play Half Life your tablet will need to be jail broken as third party desktop applications are not allowed to run as standard on Windows RT. The Half Life for Windows RT port was created by S1yRuleZ over at XDA-Developers

Half Life on Microsoft Surface RT (Windows RT ARM)

Presuming you have a Jailbroken Windows RT device you can do the following to play:

  1. Download Half-Life for Windows RT
  2. Unzip the files
  3. Copy the Pak0, Pak1, Pak2 .PAK files from an install of the origional Half-Life in ID1 folder contained within the files you unzipped
  4. Start the game from “Run Half-Life.bat”

Note: You need to obtain the  Pak0, Pak1, Pak2 .PAK files from an original copy of Half-Life, not the steam version or demo of the game.

Half Life RT Controls:

W,A,S,D = walk
F = use
LMOUSE = fire
SPACE = jump
N = noclip
P = console
0 = change weapon

So there we have it, some glassic gaming on Windows RT for people who want something more than modern apps.


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