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Doom 3 the epic science fiction horror first-person shooter game, originally released in 2004 on PC has now been ported to Android.

Doom 3 is set in 2145 on Mars, where a military-industrial conglomerate has set up a scientific research facility to research into fields such as teleportation, biological research and advanced weapons design. However, the teleportation experiments inadvertently open a gateway to Hell, resulting in a catastrophic invasion by demons.

The Android Port of Doom 3 requires a high end Android device to play smoothly. A nice bonus is the Doom 3 Android port even has functional network play. I was successfully able to use my Android device to play multiplayer with Doom 3 running on my Windows 8 based PC. I imagine this will also work over the internet if you can manage to enter your serial number on the Android version of the game.

I tested the Doom 3 Android port on my Asus Transformer Prime Android Tablet. With the lighting effects switched off the game ran rather smoothly, even with 4x AA (anti analysing) enabled. However with the advanced lighting effects enabled Doom 3 ran extremely jerky to the point where it was not really playable.

Doom 3 Android Port Gameplay:

I’ve created a gameplay video showing the Doom 3 Android Port running on my Asus Transformer prime Android tablet, the video includes a networked game against my PC and the first few minutes of the single player campaign:

Doom 3 Android Port Setup Instructions:

So you have seen the video and want to try get the game running on your tablet? here’s now!

First you will need the original Doom 3 installed on your PC, if you are installing from a disc copy you must also download and install the Doom 3 1.3.1 patch. If you own the game on steam just download Doom 3 and follow the instructions below.

On your Android devices internal memory or sdcard, a folder called diii4a must be created in the root of the storage device. Inside this folder copy the base folder from the Doom 3 install on your PC to your Android device.

Doom 3 Android, Base Folder Copy


Next download and unzip this folder inside the base folder on your Android device, you should end up with the following folder structure on your Android device \diii4a\base\gl2progs

Doom 3 Android

Next download the and unzip the two files inside the base folder, as seen below.

Doom 3 Android Configurations

Doom 3 Android Port APK Download:

Now you have file data files for the Android Doom 3 port on your device you need to download the Doom 3 APK and install it

Download Doom 3 Android APK

Unzip this somewhere on your Android device, it doesn’t really matter where as long as you can remember whereto locate it.

Doom 3 Android APK


Finally install the APK with your favourite file manager:

Doom 3 Android APK Install


After you have installed the Doom3.apk you shroud be able to load Doom 3 up from your app draw and enjoy the game.

Doom 3 Android Screenshots:

Doom 3 Android Gameplay Screenshot

Doom 3 Android Gameplay Screenshot


If you can read Russian head over to the forum where the person working on Doom 3 for Android is posting updates.


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  1. Damn you actually had me fooled, I thought it was the real thing but then realized the “apk” link is just a second link to the Doom 3 1.3.1 patch.

    Oh well, I can hope

    • It is the real thing, Google it!

      I have fixed the APK link, i simply linked to the wrong file when posting the blog.

      The links fixed so give it ago!

  2. I followed the procedures for installing this game, but I don’t have the game on PC & instead I downloaded it as a PC version on my tab 2 7.0. The game started till the end of loading bar after it the game exit. It exit after I chose new game & the loading bar completed. The only thing I downloaded & didn’t put it is the 1.3.1 patch because I don’t know where to put it. But all the procedures I followed. So, I wanna your help because I need this game badly. Thank you

    • You need to install your game on the PC and apply the 1.3.1 patch before copying anything to the tablet. You can’t apply the patch directly on your tablet it has to be done on the PC.

      • It is necessary to apply patch if game works on my pc perfectly

  3. Thank u for ur answer but the game worked with my procedure of downloading it as a PC version on the tab. I t worked by selecting load game & choosing the first level which was automatically present after downloading the game. My problem now is in saving the game in any area I need. The game is autosave & it saves after u finish the level ur in completely. Now I’m in mars city underground. I tried to save the game at any area but it didn’t do anything. It’s automatically saved on the first area of this level. So, when I shut the game down & open it either at the same time or anytime else it gives me on load game menu the same loading area from the 1st of the underground city. I tried the game keyboard app to change the name of the slot but when I return to the game it gives me a black screen & then the game exit. So, what will be the solution? Thank u again

    • It honestly depends on the tablet, no one standard resolution exists for any size of tablet or phone.

  4. Hi!
    After the loading screen when you start the video, I immediately quit: The application DIII4A unfortunately stopped. Why?
    Asus Nexus 7, Android 4.4.4

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