WebsiteSpark is a program by Microsoft designed to help jumpstart website development for small web development / design companies and Individuals. To be eligible for WebsiteSpark, you must either be: An individual that does not own a company and does not work for a web design company. An employee for a privately held company whose primary business is providing web development / design services for its clients, and has no more than 10 employees. Surprisingly as an individual I was able to enrol in the WebsiteSpark program. Why would I want to enrol with WebsiteSpark? What intrested me about WebsiteSpark is that i could get a licence for Windows Server 2012, something which would cost £100’s if i wished to purchase it. When enrolled you will be able to obtain several licences for a couple of Microsoft Products, including: • Windows Server 2012 Standard (5x keys) • SQL Server 2012 Web Edition (Static activation key) • Visual Studio Professional 2012 (Static activation key) • Expression Studio 4 Premium (1x Key) • Expression Studio 4 Web Professional (1x Key) All the downloads are provided through MSDN. From reading the WebsiteSpark website i gather you will be enrolled in WebsiteSpark for three years, however you must re…