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Region restricted web content is something that really annoys me, why should i be denied access to watch a TV show episode because i’m not currently in a certain country? A lot of my favorite TV shows are American, however because i live all the way over in England i find that im often denied from watching video content on the TV shows official website. This can be anything from behind the scenes footage to full episodes of the show that have aired on the internet first, before its even been on TV in America. A lot of the time episodes of TV shows on official websites make you watch adverts, so what does it matter where i am? show me some adverts for UK related products if you really must. I cant see how its a bad thing that someone in another part of the world wants to enjoy a TV show? More to the point if that TV show is not even available outside the US, and likely will not be for a long time, if ever, does it really matter if i watch it online? Let fans enjoy it. The fans who cant wait to watch it are the ones…