Beating domain squatters can be a problem, as i found out around 2 months ago. i decided I wanted my own domain, to use for email and not the @hotmail.com address I had used for years. I decided mattyonline was a good domain main, as it was my nickname with online at the end of it, so could be used for all things i did online. The problem was the .com of mattyonline.com was taken by someone who was just using it to display a page full of adverts, so I thought oh well and registered the mattyonline.net instead as it was free. Anyway fast forward to today and an email arrives in my junk mail from [email protected] which said: Hi, We thought that you definitely need to know that right now the .com version of your domain is secured by Easy domain Recovery and is available for purchase at our page. What we do is take different measures to help you promote your brand on the Internet. Little things’ effectiveness can compare to securing .com to a domain with any other extension. Everyone knows .com, a lot of users will intuitively seek you at .com extension so don’t give…