Looking back at the Grand Theft Auto 3 series It’s pretty mind-blowing that games you formerly played via loading up a disc on your cutting-edge gaming console or PC just ten years ago can now be downloaded and played on your cell phone in a matter of minutes, Insane! Although one particular drawback of digital downloads is that you no longer get the experience of unwrapping the cellophane and packaging and diving in to explore those printed manuals, liner notes – and in the particular case of Rockstar games, those quite helpful printed map posters! Grand Theft Auto 3 has been out on iOS and Android devices for over a year now, with Vice City having recently been released. With that in mind Rockstar has released high quality .jpg files of the maps included in the box with Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City and San Andreas. Perfect to print out if you wish, or just browse as you play the games on your iOS and Android phones / Tablets. As it also happens Grand Theft Auto 3 is currently on sale on both the Google Play and iTunes stores for £0.69p, a real bargain! The game is a quality conversion to modern day mobile…