DRM (Digital Rights Management) has always been hated by a lot of people, it restricts what you can do with content you have paid your hard earned money for, and usually end’s up causing people who purchase the content problems. Where as people who simply pirate the content will never have any issues with it. It’s hardly an incentive to purchase something when you can download it and get a better experience. Now i understand why content producers like DRM, it is supposed to protect content they produce from been freely shared.It also allows restrictions to be placed on the content you have purchased, for example you can only play this music on 2x devices. To complicate things more a device has to be able to handle the DRM embedded in a file, so if you purchase a TV Show on iTunes, that TV show is not going to play on your Android Tablet, Windows Phone, Linux powered media centre and so on… whats more that content has to be authorized for use by a remote server. So here is where the big problem starts, what happens if that authorisation / activation server is down, taken offline, or if the company you purchased the content ceases to exist in a few years time, what…