Gaming History, The Beginning Compared to other people my age I was a late starter when it comes to gaming, the first computer we owned was an Amiga 500 which I think we got that in the Summer of 1994. Before that a few of my friends in School owned a Sega MegaDrive and I used to love playing Sonic, Sonic 2 and Golden Axe on the MegaDrive. The Amiga 500 (With 1MB of Ram) This is where my gaming history really started The Amiga we got was from my cousin, It came with two massive disk box’s fill of games, I enjoyed so many of them I was still finding games I hadn’t played a year after we got the Amiga. I remember the day I discovered The Chaos Engine, I don’t know what it was about that game but I really was addicted to it. I remember coming home from school, doing my homework then my friend who lived down the road use to come up and we would spend hours playing a co-op game on it. We eventually after many games we made it to the 4th and final world where we were gutted to find out…